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The First Annual 2014 GHP RADIO Virtual Music Awards (VMAs)

October 4, 2014

October 4, 2014 Many thanks to my GHP Radio Family ♫ The show last night was an outstanding evening of awesome Music with Friends, Fans, Peers, Much Love & Respect to you all for such a delightful evening and all of your tireless efforts in promoting the Indie Artists ♫♪♫ ♪♫♪ You made us Proud ♫♪♫ Indies all the way.

Yvonne J

Saturday, October 4th, 2014, GHP Radio held it’s first(VMA’s), Virtual Music Awards which showcases and acknowledges the top indie artist around the world.

This is a great step in recognizing hard working, talented and very deserving indie artist. As indie artist we need all the resources we can get and GHP has added a great one.

With their support of indie artist via, radio, festivals and awards, GHP understands and continue to support indie artist, great job, keep up the great work.

Will Ready!

On Saturday, October 4th, GHP Radio held it’s first annual VMA Awards Show. What an amazing display of comradery and true support shared between Indie Artists as they were recognized for their contributions to the world of Jazz by Gary Fuston (GHP Radio) and Edward Ray McDaniel (Itrack Radio). \

There were no losers here because the great music of these artist filled the program from start to finish. It is the desire of Edward and Gary to promote Indie Artist and their music every way possible.

They are now in the planning stages to host a major event next year which is the first “IAF Music Festival,” which will showcase these great artists in concert for a day full of exciting music.

As Indie Artists we salute you Gary, Edward and the great team behind you (Gris and JoAnna) for all that you do.


Terry and Nkenge Tuck

GHP Radio staff… As I sit and reflect upon the events leading up to (and following) the GHP Radio Virtual Music Award Show, I’m left with absolute gratitude. The experience of becoming a nominee amongst all of my talented peers, and the resulting contributions of all of the friends, family, and fans who would later cast votes on my behalf was truly amazing.

The thought of actually winning initially presented itself as a distant possibility but, I thank God and everyone whose votes placed me in the winning position. The validation and appreciation shown for my composition and studio performance spoke volumes to me.

Because of your wonderful station, and the opportunity to be heard by your listeners, I now know that I am on the right track, and will work diligently as ever with each new song to uphold the standards which earned my place among this year’s winners.

Darryl F. Walker

On October 4, 2014, GHP Radio presented the “first-time” ever Virtual Music Awards. The promotion and buzz was so high, it was hard to not get pumped about this event! I was thrilled to be a winner of one of their awards, and also nominated in 3 other categories!

The detail of graphics on the GHP website and getting the public involved in the voting process was so impressive – just the concept of doing a virtual awards was truly exciting! From the virtual red-carpet to chat room to amazing music and commentary, everyone was entertained.

The unending support, countless hours and planning by Gary Fuston, Edward McDaniel (Ray Mac), Griselda Medina and JoAnna Johnson displayed how professional this VMA show was, and why it was such a success.

Each host has their unique contribution, as well as providing excellent programming and guest interviews, and that is why listeners, fans and musicians continually attend their weekly G House Jazz program every Thursday.

GHP Radio/iTrack Radio is truly one of the warmest families of music in the Indie Business where every musician is treated with respect and honor.

As hard as we work to create our art and hope that it will be appreciated, we know that the radio hosts work many hours as well, supporting, promoting and playing our music. We truly are grateful and could not be where we are without you.

This Virtual Music Award ceremony has branded the GHP Radio station as cutting-edge media and I only hope that more listeners will find GHP Radio and see the class act that it is! I am sure that this VMA event will be expanding and reaching even more listeners as the years go on, and I look forward to be a part of their program again!

Bickley Rivera

Coldjack were very excited to win 2 awards along with all the other amazing indie artist winners and nominees at the GHP Virtual Music Awards.
But the real winners are GHP for such an exciting show, The hosts were professional with there presentation and yet they made the awards fun and exhilarating for everybody to relax and to enjoy the moment. For us it was a one of a kind awards for so many reasons.

We Coldjack were very excited to win 2 awards along with all the other amazing indie artist winners and nominees at the GHP Virtual Music Awards.  But the real winners are GHP for such an exciting show.

The hosts were professional with their presentation and yet they made the awards fun and exhilarating for everybody to relax and to enjoy the moment.  For us it was a one of a kind awards for so many reasons.

But the main reason would be the support and commitment that GHP gives everyday to us the artists to reach our goals.  So by adding the virtual awards this will only benefit the indie artist movement and the status of GHP Radio to be recognized around the world for playing great music for the huge listening fan base that is tuning in everyday.

We are looking forward to next awards in 2015, and knowing how successful this year’s awards were, we as artists and fans feel confident that with the support and hard work there will be many more to follow.

The music industry needs the commitment that GHP has brought to the table for the future of radio, music and the artists.

Johnny Fraser

GHP Radio’s resent program, the Virtual Music Awards (VMAS), was a first for this station and a phenomenal success due to the meticulous planning and detailed execution of every phase of the global broadcast.

The staff of GHP Radio were highly active in maintaining order and keeping the members and guest entertained as well as informed before the programming start time.

All announcers delivered instructions and directives with clarity and precision, leaving no doubt as to the events to occur. Program directors, Edward McDaniel and Gary Fuston, were very professional in presenting this event with the look and feel as if it had been done before.

All the artists were presented professionally, creating a highly positive atmosphere that carried over to the listening audience in the chatroom and global venues where the program was being heard.

With the success of this, the first VMAS, it is highly likely that this program will be expanded and grow, spreading the positive vibe, spirit and professionalism presented by the INDIE artists 2015.
Much success to GHP Radio for many years to come.

Henry J Mixon, Jr.

As a nominee in four categories and an award recipient, I was honored to be a part of this inaugural, ground breaking, unprecedented virtual music awards show founded and presented by Gary Fuston of GHP Radio in partnership with Edward R McDaniel of iTrack Radio. I also thank Griselda Medina and JoAnna Johnson for their participation in the planning and presentation as well.

With the constant fluctuation in the music business from record sales to digital sales, eight tracks and cassettes to CD’s, it’s great to see that GHP Radio and iTrack Radio took the time and effort to embrace these changes for something stimulating, progressive and exciting for independent artists with the GHP Radio Virtual Musical Awards show.

It was truly amazing to attend the event via the GHP Radio chat room and to accept my award via skype. Thanks to the ingenious minds of the founders and organizers, this event ROCKED!! ​

Joyce Spencer

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Launching for the first time and the very first of its kind, the GHP Radio Virtual Music Awards was filled with the BEST in the indie music business.

It boasted a stellar line up of independent artists, songwriters, singers, musicians, composers and music producers.

But the true stars were the fans who diligently cast their votes to make sure that all of the nominees and winners rose to the top, as they were recognized in their respected genres.

The GHP radio crew (Gary Fuston, Ray Mac, Griselda Medina, The Soul Stringer Joanna Johnson) was nothing short of entertaining and professional as hosts of this groundbreaking ceremony.

This event definitely shined a spotlight on records and achievements which are commonly overlooked by major label awards. It was incredibly inspiring!

Tina E. Clark

Music That Feels Good…

The inaugural GHP VMAs in my opinion was a true success. The concept of recognizing some the finest music out there is a novel and necessary venture.

Any artist should be honored to be recognized for their hard work especially when you get this type of promotion at no cost to you.

And I must say it has far reaching & mutual benefits for the Radio Station, The Artists and Listeners. For the Radio station it draws an even broader base of listeners and fans.

The Participation in the chat room on this live event was essentially a great way to meet and greet artist with fans and vice versa.

For the artists a way to engage their fans and also a way to weed out those who are serious about what they do. Since the result are solely dependent on the artist to get the fans to vote no one could claim unfairness.

To the fans it means you have a hand in the music that gets played and you get a say so in who win those awards. I consider it a privilege to have been nominated and to win 2 awards. GHP & iTrack are leaders and trendsetters in the internet radio arena.

I see success in your future if you keep original and do what you have been doing over the years.

As an artist you have my support and I look forward to what next on the horizon for GHP Radio. Hats off to Gary Fuston for all the behind the scenes work to get this done, making the show seamless and seem effortless but we know only the half that you put in to make this excellent.

Gris for being faithful to blast social media to promote the shows and contact the artist. To Ray Mac for the infrastructure for this platform.

The SoulStringer for her very valuable contributions in making this not just the awards but GHP Radio, all it is and more.

Your chemistry and loyalty to what you do makes this an exceptional team and a Formidable Radio station. Artists let’s continue to support GHP Radio each of us in our own way. -d

PS:hope this articulate how proud I am to have been part of this and how grateful I am for GHP Radio.

David McLorren

Reethym® Productions

The First Annual 2013 Independent Artist Festival Showcase.

September 21, 2013

Review by: De Anna Phillips, Independent Musical Review Writer

What an amazing musical experience; The Independent Artist Festival held on Saturday, September 21, 2013 in Oklahoma City, Ok.

The event was held at the University of Central Oklahoma Jazz Lab hosting a totally sold out venue. Many were turned away at the door in disappointment due to the sold out status.

The atmosphere offered one of crowd enthusiasm and high anticipation for the quality of music performed by the overwhelmingly talented artist. SHOW TIME! The stage set, lights dim, and the music begins.

The Host for the night was none other than Gary Fuston, a phenomenal guitarist and one of the hosts for GHP radio.

Gary started the crowd jumping with his masterful piece entitled “SMOOTH CRUISE.” The song is jazz at its best! Such a smooth, rhythmic, and addictive sound that will surely make you want more. Gary’s performance really excited and warmed the audience up for more of the brilliant performance planned for the night. Gary presently has two CDs in circulation entitled “OCTAVE MOTIVES” and “UNWIND” true masterful compositions

The house band was on fire. Tobias Frederick on bass made the guitar speak a language many have never heard, Larry Banks soulful sounds on the sax demonstrates true master skills of the instrument. Steven Gunn equipped the house band with beautiful vocals and the commanding sounds of the trombone. Joshua Daniels on auxiliaries/keyboard added a smooth unique sound enhancing the superb quality of music to perfection. The eloquent and seductive sounds of the guitar played by Maurice Johnson were truly not a disappointment.

Such a great contribution to any house band and the heart and soul of any band demands a beat. Yes, the rhythm, the tapping, and the soul stirring sound of the drums masterfully played by Walter Taylor, III. This is just the beginning music lovers!

The Independent Artist Festival not only consists of extremely talented musicians but mesmerizing song birds as well. Yvonne Jenkins takes the stage with her original song entitled “RIDING HIGH” and the crowd goes wild. Yvonne’s voice is strong, soulful, and extremely sensual; a true crowd pleasers. She continues to give the crowd more as she performs two original songs entitled “SLOW DOWN” and “MOVE YOUR BODY.” The audience shows their appreciation by giving a standing ovation. Yvonne’s vocal skills command attention and truly demonstrate her ability to sing absolutely anything with perfection. Yvonne’s latest projects include the release of her new CD entitled “It’s all about Love” A true masterpiece.

The guitar is an essential part of any musical composition and The Independent Artist Festival was graced with the opportunity to present Maurice Johnson on the lineup. Maurice’s style of playing captivates the audience and takes the music lovers mind into another place. His performance of his original songs entitled “HELLO MY BROTHER” and “A TASTE OF THE SUN” engrossed the audience into a hand clapping, foot stomping, and head swaying good time. I am sure the fans have pleasant musical memories that are embedded in their soul. Maurice has two CDs available for purchase: TONIGHT and PEACE, LOVE & JAZZ. Both are receiving excellent reviews.

The violin is an instrument that many genres other than classical music find it hard to conceive the instruments or the masterful skills of the artist ability to play different compositions. Well what an eye opening for many at the festival. They say “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” There was no fire but the smoke was coming from the strings on the violin that JoAnna Johnson, THE SOUL STRINGER was playing! JoAnna set the stage on fire with her rendition of “I’ll be loving you always” by Stevie Wonder.

What a performance! The entire audience stood to their feet! JoAnna continues to woo the crowd with her original song entitled “DEEP SOUL” and a rendition of Alicia Keyes song entitled “UN-THINKABLE.” If there were any doubters in the audience referencing the ability of a skilled violinist, there aren’t any now! JoAnna’s new CD is scheduled to release in 2014.

Every music lover anticipates the soulful sounds of the piano or keyboard and the audience was not disappointed. Carl V. Moore displays his brilliance by performing an original composition entitled “BAM.” What a royal treat! The composition and performance skills were not short of stating it’s almost impossible.

The chords were difficult but so masterfully controlled and totally flawless. Carl continued to give the audience a sample of what playing the keys and the piano simultaneously sounds and looks like. How amazing to hear and watch. Carl’s talent is in high demand with many venues and undoubtedly so. Carl’s gift must be one that is shared with the world.

Carl’s the latest project “KEEP WORKIN’ ON ME” is due out 10/30/13 you can hear it on

Walter Taylor III, extremely talented drummer, musical director for The Independent Artist Festival, as well as a member of the organization was the promoter for the festival. Taylor Made Jazz Productions successfully organized the power house band and ensured the musical composition of each artist was not compromised during their performance.

Walter is a master drummer and has shared the stage with artist such as Chaka Khan, George Benson, and many other well know artist. His musical ability is beyond belief.

The drums offers the vital beat needed to form a musical composition and Walter delivers every time. The contributions by Walter Taylor II and Taylor Made Jazz Productions ensured the success of The Independent Artist Festival. Each note, each set, and each cord played.

The first Independent Artist Festival lineup included only a few of the artist associated with the organization. The concept involves hosting festivals in multiple cities across the states, ensuring the exposure of many. A few of the other brilliant artist involved with IAF include:
Tuck – Bass, Sam Hankins -Trumpet, Gino Goss – Trumpet, Rod Williams – Sax, Joyce Spencer – Sax, and David McLorren – Keyboardist. The artist listed above will appear on other scheduled line ups and I am highly anticipating the performers schedule and attending the shows.

The entire concept of IAF was envisioned by Edward R. McDaniel, CEO, Promoter, and Broadcaster for IAF. Edward’s many years of experience in musical promotion and production afforded him the opportunity to work with extremely talented independent artist. His insightfulness in the operations of the industry lead to the observation of a key missing component; the exposure of raw talent. Many independent artist struggles to get their projects into production and lack the financial backing to implement a strong marketing base which is key to artist exposure.

Edward saw the opportunity to help the independent artist and thus created The Independent Artist Festival.

The concept is nothing short of brilliance and truly appreciated by the many talented independent artists in the musical industry. Edward’s plan involves promoting the musical festivals across the states exposing the great talent of independent artist that many may not have the opportunity to hear. Great job Edward R. McDaniel.

In summary, the first Independent Artist Festival was a total success. The musical branding left with the audience in Oklahoma City will only echo throughout the rest of the states.

It is totally clear that the exposure of these talent unsigned artist have the ability to sellout crowds and leave music lovers totally satisfied. When you can sell out shows like this one, there is truly a demand for more! Exposure is the key.

We must support live music to prevent the elimination of a much loved genre. IAF has demonstrated a successful platform to accomplish the goal of exposing great independent musical talent!