IAF Staff


Edward Ray McDaniel – Head Coordinator
owner of iTrackRadio.com

“I retired from the Military 1970/Civil Service in 2000. During my tour of duty in the Military I was a Communications Specialist. Civil Services for the Federal Government I worked as a Computer Assistant. I started my first company in 1985 (VAAC) Video Audio Art Concept. In 1986, I produced a TV Show for Cable Network in Oklahoma City called “Inner City Jazz”. During that time, I was the Executive Producer for The First Annual Charlie Christian Jazz Festival. Also promoting the group After Five Jazz for Chez Nous Records. In 1993, I worked at Fox 25 in Gulfport, MS as a Master Control Operator. At the present time I am the CEO of Itrackradio which was started with my wife Stella and family in November 2000. Itrackradio was formed to promote Indie Artist on Internet Radio, on the several Radio Stations I have under Itrackradio. In 2011, I started (and still doing) producing a TV Cooking Show for Kids called “The Bread of Life Show”. 2013 I started (IAF) Independent Artist Festival”.

Griselda Medina – Recording Secretary
Social Media press for IAF

“Getting involved in the music business (behind the scenes) was not in my plans. It all started when I sold CDs for Slim Man at one of the Jazz Festivals in San Antonio. Also sold (or helped sell) CDs for Joseph Vincelli, Will Donato, Warren Hill, Jeff Kashiwa, Steve Reid, Kyle Turner and Four80East. I was hooked! Slim and I became friends and later became his Assistant for four years. During that time, I met some amazing people that were willing to help me while I learned “the ropes”. Now I am bringing that experience to IAF and with the others that I work with iTrackRadio, GHP Radio and Groove Skool Band. I feel blessed to be working with such great people and talented Indie Artists!”

Gary Fuston – Website & design developer administrator
Music Producer Recording Artist & Radio host

Creator of this website and also one of the IAF artist members, Gary is a man of many talents including music producing, radio host for G. House Jazz & More on GHP RADIO, and graphic web design & logo production. Gary enjoys all duties when it comes to creating from a musical & visual sense. “Welcome to the world of the Independent Artist Festival site I’m so glad to be apart of something fresh and exciting here at IAF and looking forward to playing with some of the most talented artists on the planet, It’s all about the Indies baby!!!”