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A couple of months ago, an artist friend of mine was being interviewed for his new cd being released on GHP Radio. I had not known about GHP before but, in support, I signed in to the station to listen to the interview. I am normally a bit shy, but joined the chat room to add my few comments of congratulations. I was immediately greeted by the most wonderful group of people who were knowledgeable, friendly, and funny. I immediately felt at home and loved getting to know them. As we were all chatting we were listening to wonderful tracks of jazz. To my amazement, I realized I was conversing with the same artists who had created this wonderful music!
I can’t begin to thank everyone who so graciously befriended me and I look forward to every show. By Thursday evening, my busy schedule has usually taken a toll on my energy levels and my mood but within minutes of joining the group, the wonderful company and uplifting music has washed the week’s cares away. I truly feel at home and am so blessed to have found such wonderfully creative artists and friends. I highly recommend them to everyone who loves great music with knowledgeable and witty company!
Cynthia Wolf Adams

A great Testimonial for one of the coolest & most listener/artist friendly Internet radio GHP Radio! Join us this & every Thursday Evenings where the music is great & the people are incredibly warm! Like a family reunion! -d
David McLorren