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15 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi, there!! This is really exciting, just followed on Twitter, too! I hope to join the roster if possible, if you’d have me 🙂
    Blessings and many thanks,
    Ava “The Singing Saxstress of Soul™” Lemert

    • Thanks Ava for your comments! We definitely let you know regarding the rooster for our 2014 Festival. This is very exciting!

      Grazie Bella!

      • OMGOSH!! The ‘Typo Queen’ has struck again! Just now noticed that I had one too many [o’s] on roster!! LOL!! Sorry about that!

    • JoAnna! What can I say?!! Thank you so much for your help. Words just do not seem adequate enough to express my appreciation.


  2. Ciao Frank! Looking forward to have you as part of the Indie Artist for our 2014 Festival. We are working on getting things set up for that. Thank you for wanting to be part of this!


    • Hi Chris, thank you first for visiting our website and second for your info. We haven’t started working on our 2014 roster yet. We will post on our site and our Facebook page…..when and where to send submissions for our 2014 Festival. Also, please ‘Like’ our page on Facebook.

      Thanks Again!

  3. Hello my name stage is Rina, i am a neosoul jazz artist. I recently came out with my CD on July6,2013. I am trying to find ways to promote my Cd and to share my gift that God gave me with the rest of the world. I found out about the IPF that you all have. I would like to know how can i as an independent artist become apart of this years festival and where will it be held. I live in the Palmdale California area and was wondering will you have any festivals in California anytime soon. I would also like to know what do i need to do to participate in this wonderful event. I pray that someone will be able to contact me and give me more details. I am so excited about my new Cd and sharing my music with the rest of the world. I pray that i will be able to be one of the talents at your independent artist festival. much peace and love given to this organization that promote “Independent Artist” once again my name is RINA

    • Hello Rina,
      Thank you for your interest in IAF. We have yet to start working on 2014 roster. If you could please send your music to;
      GHP RADIO/Gary Fuston
      816 W. London st
      El Reno, OK. 73036
      mp3’s to;

      Ray McDaniel
      P.O. Box 2524
      DeSoto, TX 75123-2524

      Also visit and like our Facebook page; It is on that page and on this website that we will announce when we will start accepting Press Kits for consideration to our Indie Fest in 2014.

      Thanks Again!

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