About Us

Welcome to the Independent Artist Festival (IAF) website. Here, you will find out about our organization and our goals. We are a team of musicians, performers, producers and promoters that formed a bond to bring you professional entertainment at it’s best to areas around the US. Our members are based from the, East Coast, West Coast, Midwest and South.

There will be upcoming shows at a city near you. All shows will be taking place at different venues to promote an upcoming Indie Festival for 2018. In order for our first major 2013 Indie Festival to be a success, it will require the support of you the fans.

Word of mouth goes a long way in today’s social media network and we hope you will join us. How, you my ask? By posting our future events and telling your friends and family about IAF.

Here on our website you can introduce yourself to all of the fine talent that will be showcased at these upcoming events. We invite you to visit the artist’s personal websites, Facebook and music pages. Get to know the artists and their music which stems from Jazz, Soul, R&B, and Blues.

This will give you an idea of what kind of entertainment we will be providing for you at all of our future shows. Interested in having us perform in your city? Please fill out the form at our ‘Contact Us’ page, with your information and the name of a possible venue.

Thank you for visiting our Independent Artist Festival website.

We hope you come back again.
Enjoy the music!!!